This virtual tour offers a boater’s view of Inner Harbor

After traversing the Susquehanna River last summer, Terrain360 decided its small boat with lots of cameras was ready for urban waters this year.

The Virginia-based firm and Chesapeake Conservancy came to the waters of Baltimore for their latest virtual tour, which has 360-degree views of Inner Harbor and the Patapsco River.

In all, the tour offers a chance to explore 92 miles along the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail without actually getting on a boat (or water taxi).

The images are captured by six cameras mounted 10 feet above the water. They take photos every 40 feet, and are controlled by a system that also captures location, weather and light data.

Along with offering picturesque views, the nonprofit believes the technology helps connect people with the environment.

The Conservancy released the tour on Friday morning at a White House roundtable that included a series of new environmentally focused federal investments in Baltimore.

Image Credit: Chesapeake Conservancy
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