Terrain 360 will be first to photograph the entire James River

This summer the James River, all 340 miles of it, will be photographed Richmond-based Terrain 360 and Outside Adventure. On May 8, the boat dubbed the “Photohantas,”  floated around the James River boat landing just north of the swinging bridge at Twin Rivers Outfitters. Busy with kayaks and fishermen in canoes, the river season is already in full swing in Buchanan even on a Thursday at noon.

Using a circular camera set-up featuring 7 millimeter fisheye lenses and camera perched atop a pole, the river will be photographed and sent to Amazon Cloud to have the film put together.

Terrain360 mapping the James River

It will be a unique way to showcase the James. Ryan Abrahamson and Andy Thompson are partners in the company. “We will do the first augmented reality map,” said Thompson. What that means is highlights and focal points will be easily accessed in the film by the viewer in an embedded link. For instance, the Buchanan boat landing will have a click feature as the traveler floats the river to literally be able to see what is around the bend!

Partnering with the James River Association, the filming is set to begin in Botetourt around June 23. Rob Campbell coordinator of the Upper James for the James River Association said, “Botetourt’s  Upper James Water Trail is a wonderful idea.” Botetourt Tourism’s Lisa Moorman said, “Using the film on our website will be exciting for river goers planning a trip to Botetourt.”

Indeed online viewers can explore the entire 340-mile length of the James River through high-resolution, 360-degree panoramic images. Abrahamson said, “ The “Tour of the James” will be the first comprehensive photo documentary of an entire river.”

To view trails and parks the group has already done, check out the website. http://www.terrain360.com/

When the river filming is complete in Botetourt County, the results should be online by mid-July.

Image Credit: The Botetourt View on Flickr
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