The shipwreck site at Mallows Bay

Here’s a VR tour of Maryland’s infamous ghost fleet

VR is taking viewers deep into the Chesapeake Bay’s infamous ghost fleet.

Located in Charles County, The Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay contains the remains of an emergency fleet of steamships that was commissioned during World War I, but never delivered. The wrecks are now home to natural ecosystems, prompting a nomination for the area to become a National Marine Sanctuary.

Following up on a virtual tour of the entire Susquehanna River and an existing tour of Mallows Bay, the Chesapeake Conservancy once again teamed with Terrain360 to film 360-degree videos of the ship graveyard from above.

The previous tours utilized cameras mounted on a boat that took pictures every 50 feet. For the VR video, Cirrus Studios used overhead drones to capture the shipwrecks from a unique angle.

Here’s a look at the Barge Wreck:

And the Sea Scout:

Video Credit: Chesapeake Conservancy

Image Credit: By Wikimedia Commons
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